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As the organizer we celebratewill be open on APR 15 in Centro Congressi al Duomo ,FLORENCE ,ITALY.

Florence and Shanghai, two important cities that were shining in the history of art development and could not be avoided. Each of them shoulders its historic mission in different times. Many art masters who lead the trend of the times have emerged, generated art schools named after their respective cities. Florentine School and Shanghai School.It can be said that these two cities have built a monument in the history of art development.

Florence, an art city be known to Chinese because of the Famous Poet Hsu Chih-mo wrote the poemand called “Florence” in Chinese as “The Jade Glory”. As the origin of the European Renaissance, countless talented masters emerge from here, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto, Botticelli…It is this combination of elites and the new artistic atmosphere of the humanities that has created the reputation of the Renaissance capital of Florence. Walking on the classical streets of Florence after a hundred years of exquisiteness, looking the urban sculptures, Gothic architecture combined with Roman classical architecture, and gold-plated relief architecture everywhere. Numerous museums, galleries, scattered in the narrow alley. The heavy precipitation of history gives Florence an elegant and calm temperament. The entire city appears to have a more art and humanities because of the numerous world-famous collections, and it is like a world art treasury.

And more than a hundred years ago in Shanghai, being in a big era of fierce collision of culture and art. She has the spirit of great breadth of mind like hundreds of rivers runs into the sea, it is inclusive of multiculturalism and multi-ideology, make this coastal city opened to commerce had a rapid development. In the first place whether economy, culture or art, as a typical form of the emerging urban culture. Shanghai School took this opportunity bred many talents in the momentary, Ren BonNian, Wu ChangShuo, Zhao ZhiQian, X uGu…The art activities in Shanghai have flourished and thriving from that time. As the Florence of the Renaissance was reborn in Shanghai at this time. The cultural features of the local arts, consciousness activities start changed to intense and deep multicultural integration, pushed the change of urban culture and the transformation of traditional art.

Tracing back the history has always been for today’s better reunion. Whether it's Florence or Shanghai. Their existence is an artistic form of inheritance. Thanks to the”2018 SHANGHAI-FLORENCE MODERN ART TWIN CITY EXHIBITIONS” displays in Shanghai Meibo Art Center, not only tribute to the culture of the two cities, but also try our best to learn from the ancient and modern art of east and west. So in the exhibition, has the exquisite depiction under the traditional theme, also has a vivid manifestation of the sense of art form for the modern art.

The artists of Florence are both inheriting and practicing the artistic language of the present era.The Chinese artists are also many famous, With the concept of new ink , work on a variety of styles of exploration and trial In the pen-ink and non pen -ink. In their works, tradition and modernity are completely melted in personalized works, and the artists' unique artistic language is condensed. The oil paintings in the exhibition also reflect the different features of the western art in the hands of Shanghai artists. This is because the artistic spirit of the Shanghai school painting has penetrated into the minds of Shanghai painters.

Below is the introduction of the 7 Chinese Artiest who attend the 2018 Florence-Shanghai Modern Art Exhibition.


1945年生。毕业于上海市美术专科学校。中国美术家协会会员。作品获上海市白玉兰美术三等奖,2015上海中国画大展优秀作品奖。作品入选《首届全国山水画展》、《全国首届中国画人物画展》、《第五届全国体育美术作品展》、《中国人民解放军第三届美术作品展》、《’98上海百家艺术精品展》、《’98上海海平线展》、《上海美术大展》、《沪港水墨交流展》、《春华秋实——上海花鸟画大展》、《水墨.当代》等。作品被原沈阳博物馆 、上海市政府等机构和海内外私人收藏。文化部“群星奖”铜奖。

Chen Ke Ai :Born in 1945. Graduated from Shanghai Art College. Chinese Artists Association Member. His works won the third prize of the Shanghai Magnolia Art Award and the 2015 Shanghai China Art Exhibition Award for Outstanding Work. His works were selected as "The First National Landscape Painting Exhibition", "National First Chinese Painting Figure Exhibition", "The Fifth National Sports Art Exhibition", "The Third China Liberation Army Exhibition of Fine Arts", and "'98 Shanghai's Hundreds Artistic Exhibitions" , "The Shanghai Horizon Line Exhibition", "Shanghai Art Exhibition", "Shanghai-Hong Kong Chinese Ink Painting Exchange Exhibition", "Spring and Autumn Fruitful - Shanghai Flower and Bird Painting Exhibition", "ink painting. Contemporary" and so on. Ministry of Culture "Best Star Award" bronze medal. His works were privately owned by the Shenyang Museum, Shanghai Municipal Government and other institutions.

Chen Ke Ai

Nato nel 1945. Laureato all'università d'arte di Shanghai. Associazione di artisti cinesi. Le sue opere hanno vinto il terzo premio del Magnolia Art Award di Shanghai e la Mostra cinese di pittura di Shanghai 2015 per i suoi eccezionali lavori. Le sue opere sono state selezionate come "La prima esposizione nazionale di pittura di paesaggio", "Mostra nazionale di pittura cinese per la prima volta", "La quinta esposizione nazionale di arte sportiva", "Esposizione di belle arti dell'esercito di liberazione del terzo popolo" e "Esposizioni artistiche di Shanghai del '98" "La fiera Haiping della linea di Shanghai", "Esposizione d'arte di Shanghai", "Esposizione di inchiostro e acqua di Shanghai-Hong Kong", "Primavera e autunno Qiushi - Mostra di pittura di fiori e uccelli di Shanghai", "pittura a inchiostro, contemporaneo" e così via. Le sue opere erano di proprietà privata del Museo Shenyang, del governo municipale di Shanghai e di altre istituzioni. Medaglia di bronzo "Best Star Award" del Ministero della Cultura.





Chen Xiao Yun

Born in Shanghai, She is currently director of the Dragon Institute of Modern Art, specializing in woodcut printings, watercolors, ink painting, and poetry creation.

Member of Shanghai Artists Association, member of Shanghai Artists Association Printmaking Committee, member of Shanghai Creative Design Association, member of Shanghai Salon of Artists Association, member of Shanghai Artists Association Flower and Bird Salon

The woodcut printmaking work was shortlisted for the 3rd edition of the Macao International Printmaking Exhibition and the 2017 South Bank Printmaking Exchange Exhibition. In 2015, the printmaking work (relative to *Grain Size) was invited as a guest work and 15 artists from 6 countries were invited to exhibit in Shanghai. The watercolor work won 2016 Shanghai Watercolor Painting Exhibition Awards for outstanding works, etc. The works were collected by Shanghai Library, Macao Museum of Art, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Songjiang Art Museum and other art institutions.

Chen XiaoYun

Nato a Shanghai, è attualmente direttore del drago Institute of Modern Art, specializzato in stampe, acquerelli, pittura a inchiostro e scrittura di poesie

Membro dell'Associazione degli artisti di Shanghai, membro del Comitato di stampa di Shanghai Artists Association, membro della Shanghai Creative Design Association, membro della Shanghai Salon of Artists Association, membro del Salone degli artisti e dei fiori di Shanghai.

Il lavoro di incisione è stato selezionato per la 3a edizione di Macao International Printmaking Exhibition e per il 2017 South Bank Printmaking Exchange. Il lavoro di stampa del 2015 (relativo a * Grain Size) è stato invitato come opera ospite e 15 artisti provenienti da 6 paesi sono stati invitati a esporre a Shanghai. Premi per l'esposizione alla pittura ad acquerello di Shanghai per opere straordinarie, ecc. I lavori sono stati raccolti dalla Biblioteca di Shanghai, dal Museo d'Arte di Macao, dal Museo d'arte Zhu Qizhan, dal Museo d'arte di Songjiang e da altre istituzioni d'arte.





Lin Yi Feng

1962 born in Shanghai China. Graduated from the Fine Arts Major of Shanghai Normal University in 1988.

He established the Shanghai Wutong Art Museum in 2012. In 2014, he was appointed as a master tutor from Shanghai Donghua University; he is the director of the Shanghai Wutong Art Museum now.

He is good at Xuan paper ink, inherits the literary spirit of Chinese painting, and constructs his own spiritual doctrine with contemporary thinking.

His works are full of reiki and spirit,feel like fairyland ,the ink marks are pale, potted , recreate the dream encounter.. In the leisurely and tranquil , the soul is poetically inhabited.

Lin Yi Feng

Nato a Shanghai nel 1962, nel 1988 si è laureato presso il Dipartimento di Belle Arti dell'Università Normale di Shanghai.

Nel 2012 ha fondato lo Shanghai Indus Art Museum. Nel 2014 è stato nominato tutor esterno alla Shanghai Donghua University ed è attualmente direttore dell'Indus Art Museum di Shanghai.

È bravo con l'inchiostro e l'inchiostro di carta Xuan, eredita lo spirito letterario della pittura cinese e costruisce la propria dottrina spirituale con il pensiero contemporaneo. Le opere sono piene di aure e spiriti.Se sono nella terra delle fate, i segni dell'inchiostro sono pallidi, sono macchiati e i sogni nell'incubo sono riapparsi Nel silenzio silenzioso, lascia che il cuore abita poeticamente.









2017 年全国中国画展会员资格奖(最高奖)










Li Yan

Born in Shenyang, Henan, September 1973. Living and working in Shanghai.

Graduated from the Department of Literature and Art, Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1996

Member of Shanghai Artists Association

Member of Shanghai Ink Art Institute member of Shanghai Art Academy


The 9th Shanghai Art Exhibition in 2017 and the 5th Magnolia Award

National Chinese Painting Exhibition 2017 Membership Award (Highest Award)

Great Love - Memorial to the Huang Gongwang Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition (Excellent Award)

Jiangnan Spring - First Prize of Shanghai Folk Art Exhibition

Dream Oriental - Third Prize for the Fifth Citizen Art Exhibition


“Ink Spirits • Contemporary Chinese Painting Masters Series • Li Yan”

(Shaanxi People's Fine Arts Publishing House)

Contemporary Chinese Meticulous Landscape (Henan Fine Arts Publishing House)

"Modern Green Landscape" (Henan Fine Arts Publishing House)

"Chinese Painting Examination" (Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy Publishing House)

Li Yan

Nato a Shenyang, Henan, nel settembre 1973

Laureato presso il Dipartimento di letteratura e arte, Shanghai Jiaotong University nel 1996

Associazione degli artisti di Shanghai

Membro di Shanghai Ink Art Institute della Shanghai Art Academy

Vivere e lavorare a Shanghai


La 9a Shanghai Art Exhibition nel 2017 e il 5 ° Magnolia Award

Premio per la partecipazione alla pittura cinese nazionale 2017 (premio più alto)

Grande amore - Memoriale alla mostra di pittura di paesaggio cinese di Huang Gongwang (premio eccellente)

Jiangnan Spring - Primo premio di Shanghai Folk Art Exhibition

Dream Oriental - Terzo premio per la quinta mostra d'arte dei cittadini


"Spiriti dell'inchiostro • Serie di maestri della pittura cinese contemporanea • Li Yan"

(Casa editrice Shaanxi People's Fine Arts)

Paesaggio cinese meticoloso contemporaneo (Henan Fine Arts Publishing House)

"Modern Green Landscape" (Henan Fine Arts Publishing House)

"Esame della pittura cinese" (Shanghai Publishing and Calligraphy Publishing House)








2012年 《水墨人物》2012韩国丽水世界博览会邀请展 韩国丽水世界博览中心

2012年《穿背心的女人》纪念“对话”发表70周年写生画展 上海市美术家协会创作中心

2013年《逐梦人》第七届上海市美术大展      上海

2014年《瓷娃系列》水墨缘先生六人展 上海金门艺术会

2014年《瓷娃》上海首届中国画小品展  上海市美术家协会创作中心

2015年《在路上系列》“海派故里”艺术邀请展  浙江省双林费新我艺术馆

2015年《意外》艺术展  上海美博美术馆

2015年《博弈系列》“不急”艺术展  上海梧桐美术馆

2015年《城隍庙》“美丽中国”艺术展  上海文联美术馆

2016年上海美术学院水墨缘工作室年展  上海敬华艺术画廊

2017年墨*力——王恬水墨画展  上海梧桐美术馆

Wang Tian

Born in Shanghai in 1958, he is currently the director and associate professor of the Art Teaching Department of the School of Humanities, East China University of Political Science and Law, a member of the ink painting studio of the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and a member of the Shanghai Artists Association.

1984 Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Shanghai Normal University with a bachelor's degree

The Second Art Creation Workshop of the Shanghai Artists Association in 2001

2005 Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy Advanced Creative Research Class

2011 Shanghai Artists Association Advanced Creative Research Class

In recent years exhibitors:

2012 Ink People 2012 Korea Lishui World Expo Invitational Exhibition Korea Lishui World Expo Center

2012 "Women Wearing a Vest" commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the "Dialogue" painting exhibition. Shanghai Artists Association Creative Center

2013 Dreamwalker --The 7th Shanghai Art Fair Shanghai

2014 Porcelain Baby Series Six Ink Painting Mr. Shanghai Golden Gate Art Association

2014 "Cerva" Shanghai's first Chinese Painting Sketch Exhibition Shanghai Artists Association Creative Center

2015 "On the Road Series" "Haipai Hometown" Art Invitational Exhibition Zhejiang Shuanglin Fei xinwo Gallery

2015 "Accident" Art Exhibition Shanghai Meibo Art Museum

2015 "Game Series" "No Urgency" Art Exhibition Shanghai Indus Art Museum

2015 City God Temple “Beautiful China” Art Exhibition Shanghai Wenlian Art Museum

2016 Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts ink-ink margin studio annual Shanghai Jinghua Art Gallery

Ink Power in 2017 - Wang Xi Ink Painting Exhibition Shanghai Indus Art Museum

Wang Tian

Nato a Shanghai nel 1958, è attualmente direttore e professore associato del Dipartimento di pedagogia artistica dell'University of Humanities College della Cina orientale, membro dello studio di pittura a inchiostro dell'Accademia di Belle Arti di Shanghai e membro dell'Associazione degli artisti di Shanghai.

1984 Diplomato presso il Dipartimento di Belle Arti dell'Università Normale di Shanghai con una laurea

Il secondo laboratorio di creazione artistica della Shanghai Artists Association nel 2001

2005 Accademia di pittura cinese di Shanghai. Classe di ricerca creativa avanzata

Classe di ricerca creativa avanzata dell'Associazione degli artisti di Shanghai del 2011

Negli ultimi anni gli espositori:

2012 Ink People 2012 Corea Lishui World Expo Invitational Exhibition Korea Lishui World Expo Center

2012 "Women Wearing a Vest" commemora il 70 ° anniversario della mostra di pittura "Dialogue".

Dreamwalker 2013 La settima Shanghai Art Fair Shanghai

2014 Margine di porcellana Serie Sei margine di inchiostro Mostra Golden Gate Art Association di Shanghai

2014 "Cerva" prima mostra di pittura cinese di Shanghai Exhibition Shanghai Artists Association Creative Center

2015 "On the Road Series" "Haipai Hometown" Mostra d'arte d'invito Zhejiang Shuanglin Feixin I Gallery

Esposizione d'arte 2015 "Incidente", Shanghai Meibo Art Museum

2015 "Game Series" "No Urgency" Mostra d'arte Shanghai Wutong Art Museum

2015 City God Temple "Beautiful China" Mostra d'arte Shanghai Wenlian Art Museum

2016 Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts studio margine margine d'inchiostro annuale Shanghai Jinghua Art Gallery

Potere dell'inchiostro nel 2017 - Mostra di pittura a inchiostro Wang Xi, Shanghai Art Museum









Wang DongDong

In 1982, he graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of China Academy of Art. Under the influence of Fang Zengxian, Gu Shengyue, Lu Yanshao, Wu Shanming, Wu Yongliang. He successively studied at the Tama Art University in Japan and the Chicago School of Modern Art.

In 1993 participated in the new show of Tokyo Mitsukoshi Museum

1998 Participated in Toronto Contemporary Art Exhibition

1999 participated in the Vancouver Chinese Art Awards

In 2001 Ueno Art Museum Sakura Prize Art Exhibition

Shanghai Golden Gate Art Association was founded in 2010, planning to participate in many art exhibitions

In 2016, he participated in the Fukui Art Exhibition in Japan and successively planned to participate in many art exhibitions in Shanghai, Zhejiang and many other galleries. Wang Dong Dong

Nel 1982, si è laureato presso il Dipartimento cinese di pittura della China Academy of Art. Sotto la guida di Fang Zengxian, Gu Shengyue, Lu Yushao, Wu Shanming, Wu Yongliang. Ha successivamente studiato alla Tama Art University in Giappone e alla Chicago School of Modern Art.

Nel 1993 ha partecipato al nuovo spettacolo del Museo Mitsukoshi di Tokyo

1998 Partecipa a Toronto Contemporary Art Exhibition

Nel 1999 ha partecipato ai Vancouver Chinese Art Awards

Nel 2001 Ueno Art Museum Sakura Prize Art Exhibition

La Shanghai Golden Gate Art Association è stata fondata nel 2010 e prevede di partecipare a numerose mostre d'arte

Nel 2016, ha partecipato alla Fukui Art Exhibition in Giappone e in seguito ha pianificato di partecipare a molte mostre d'arte a Shanghai, Zhejiang e in molte altre gallerie.


Wang Haixia

上海市美术家协会会员 ;

Member of the Artists Association of Shanghai


Member of Shanghai Photographers


Member of Shanghai Creative Design Association


Member of the Shanghai Art Creation Center Association


2008年  王海霞油画作品展(中央美术学院油画廊)

2008   Oil paintings exhibition. (Central Academy of Fine Arts Oil Paintings Gallery)

2009年  王海霞水彩展(上海大学美术学院展览馆)

2009   Watercolours exhibition (Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, University of Shanghai)

* 上海艺术博览会亚洲青年艺术家推荐展(上海世贸商城 )

*Shanghai Art Fair Asian Young Artists Recommendation Exhibition (Shanghai Mart)

* 第五、六、七届上海美术大展(上海美术馆)

* The 5th, 6th, 7th Shanghai Art Exhibition (Shanghai Art Museum)

* 第五届亚洲国际艺术展(香港亚洲国际博览馆)

* The 5th Asia International Art Exhibition (Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong)

Published collection situation:


* I was incorporated into "1949-2009 Shanghai Modern Art History Series" -5 watercolor, pink picture scroll;

.Wang Haixia

Associazione degli artisti di Shanghai;

Associazione dei fotografi di Shanghai;

Shanghai Creative Design Association;

Membro del Creative Center dell'Associazione degli Artisti di Shanghai.


2009  Esposizione di acquerello di Wang Haixia nel 2009 (Salone delle Belle Arti dell'Università di Shanghai)

* Mostra d'arte di giovani artisti asiatici consigliati a Shanghai (ShanghaiMart Mall)

* Guanghua Century - World Chinese Artists World Expo Mostra d'arte (Shanghai Art Museum)

Stato della pubblicazione:

* Sono stato incluso nel "1949--2009 Dipartimento di Storia dell'Arte Moderna di Shanghai" - 5 acquerelli, volume in polvere;

We welcome you go to the Centro Congressi al Duomo Florence Italy visit the exhibition. Or you can go to Meibo Art Center Shanghai P.R.China to visit the Twin Exhibition,Not only the paintings from these 7 Chinese Artists,but also with 10 Italian Artists and 2 Chinese Famous Artists. The 2018 Shanghai-Florence Modern Art Twin City Exhibitions held in Shanghai ,OPENING IN THE SAME DAY SAME TIME. We sincerely welcome you come and join us no matter in Florence or Shanghai.

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